Rosetta Stone: Learn, Practice

Rosetta Stone: Learn, Practice
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Version 8.21.0


and Speak German.

Rosetta Stone: Learn, Practice and Speak German is the ultimate language learning app for anyone looking to master the German language. With our app, you can learn all aspects of the language from grammar to vocabulary to speaking fluency. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced learner, Rosetta Stone will take you to the next level!

The Rosetta Stone app has won many awards for its innovative and immersive approach to language learning. With our patented TruAccent™ speech recognition technology, you'll be able to practice speaking German with confidence and accuracy. You'll even be able to track your progress and receive feedback on your pronunciation so that you can continue to improve and refine your skills.

Our language program is designed to be engaging and fun so that you can enjoy learning German as much as possible. With our interactive lessons, you'll be able to explore the language in a variety of ways, including listening, reading, writing, and speaking. You'll learn German in context, just like you would if you were immersed in the language in a native-speaking country.

One of the unique features of our app is that you'll be able to learn German at your own pace. The app is adjustable and can be customized to fit your learning style and goals. You can take your time, practicing as much or as little as you like on each lesson until you're confident enough to move onto the next one. You don't have to worry about keeping up with the pace of a classroom or being left behind.

With Rosetta Stone: Learn, Practice and Speak German, you'll have the confidence and skills to speak, read, and write German fluently in no time. Download the app today and see why over 25 million people worldwide have chosen Rosetta Stone to learn a new language.

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v8.17.0 46.3 MB XAPK  OBB 2022-02-07
v8.4.0 73.4 MB XAPK  OBB 2021-03-25
v8.21.0 68.6 MB XAPK  OBB 2023-03-08
v8.3.0 63.5 MB XAPK  OBB 2021-03-09
v8.21.0 66.7 MB XAPK  OBB 2023-03-08
v8.3.0 73.3 MB XAPK  OBB 2021-03-09
v8.5.0 73.5 MB XAPK  OBB 2021-04-07
v8.6.0 73.5 MB XAPK  OBB 2021-04-21
v8.19.0 50 MB XAPK  OBB 2022-06-14
v8.4.0 63.6 MB XAPK  OBB 2021-03-25
v8.20.0 50.2 MB XAPK  OBB 2023-03-08

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